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Technical Details


(Door sizes are approximate & not actual)

  • Standard Door has a height of 69 ½” with the width being 30”.
  • Security Door is a fully framed door with 3 internal butt hinges and a padlock protector.
  • Standard Double Doors are 69 ½“ high x 5’ wide.
  • Double Security Doors is a fully framed door with 6 internal butt hinges and has a height of 69 ½” and both measure 60” wide.
  • Stable Door has four hinges, two at the top and two at the bottom, 69 ½“ high x 30” wide.
  • Extra Wide Doors are 69 ½” high and a maximum width of 36”.


  • No windows.
  • Standard Windows are 24 ½” x 24 ½” & we use 3mm horticultural glass.
  • Opening Joinery Windows are 20”x 26” high with the glass measuring 16”x 22” (approx)
  • Security Windows measure 5 ½” x 24” enough to let the light in.

  • Floors

    • No floor (sometimes a good concrete base is all you need)
    • Standard floor made from 16mm pine untreated floorboards which sit on pressure treated timber bearers.
    • Heavy duty floor made from 18mm ply & 2”x 2” tanalised bearers.

      Bitumen Lining Paper

      This acts as an extra membrane that sits in between the framework and the exterior cladding.