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Shed Base Options

The Shed Factory Shed's are available in a number of different base options.

A firm level base should be the starting point for your shed or garden building. The strongest most permanent solution is a Concrete Base, laid correctly, this will ensure that your structure will have a solid foundation, the doors will align, the roof will sit correctly and the quality and life of your shed will increase. Should you require professional help to lay your Concrete Base, please call us to see if we cover your area.

Concrete Base

Sometimes a concrete base is all you need. Our Garages do not require a floor, just a concrete base. This is due to the heavy equipment/machinery that may be stored in one of our Garages.

Concrete Base

Timber Base

A few examples of why a Timber Base is required; if you intend to position your building on a patio, concrete area or grassed area and find that it's not completely level a Timber Base could be used to level out.

If you rent your property and your landlord would prefer you not to lay a Concrete Base, a Timber Base is the perfect solution, this is levelled on site and your floor then sits on the Timber Base. This will increase the height of your shed; however, the benefits are that if you decide to move your Timber Base and shed can go with you!

If you're replacing an old structure with a brand new shiny one and intent to use the concrete base which is already there, you could find when the older structure is removed the existing concrete base may have deteriorated somewhat and a Timber Base will help to level without having to re-concrete, which can be time-consuming.

Another point to consider when deciding on where your base is going to be positioned that you may want to treat your building in future years with a wood preservative so do allow yourself enough room to get around to all sides.

Timber Base


Eco Base

An Eco Base is the UK's Original Plastic Grid Foundation System, designed to provide a firm, durable and well-drained foundation for outdoor buildings and structures. This will not create a level base on its own, the Eco Base is a cheaper option to concrete, however, it does not self-level and the area needs to be levelled by the customer before installing the Eco Base. 

Made from recycled plastic, lightweight and provides a French drainage system to help with splashback from inclement weather.

Eco Base